The easiest top to sew in half an hour | The Honey Thread

Posted on August 25, 2016 I’ve heard about shirts stitched in about half an hour but it had never happened to me. All the shirts I sewed until now have kept me busy a lot more, I could finish a top in about 2-3 hours. One evening last week, after finishing a simple white tank top (which had bored me to death), I came up with the inspiration and the urge for sewing a new shirt! To do that I used the leftovers of strips of lace with which I sewed this shirt. The strips are 45 cm wide and very long, about 3 meters, with a nice edge. I thought I’d use the most of the trimmings, leaving them in sight where possible, so as to have less sewing. I let myself be guided by imagination and I was able to sew the shirt in half an hour! Couldn’t believe myself! . I was so happy with the result that I wore it right away that evening to go out with family.   Here is a small tutorial on how I did it: 1 .To make the front of the shirt, I approached two strips (placed vertically) and sewed … READ MORE


How to lengthen pants | The Honey Thread

Posted on August 17, 2016 I had this pair of white jeans in my closet for 2 years now. I didn’t wear them much cause I consider them too short for me. This summer the white jeans were a BIG Trend. I was so in love with this trend that I was ready to buy a ready-to-wear pants if only I could find a pair I love it. But I live in Italy and this fashion trends didn’t come yet. I couldn’t find any pair of white jeans to buy. I found white trousers but no jeans. Then I remembered the pair I already own. The perfect white jeans I was looking for. Except for the lenght. I took an white piece of jeans I had in my stash from another jeans, cut it in 2 pieces, hem it at one part and sew it to my jeans. Then I covered the seams with white ribbon and I have a like-new white jeans. I may do some holes on the knees, just to be on trend, but I’m not that fashion girl. I’ll wear them until they’ll fall apart, then I’ll use them as a pattern for sewing another pair. … READ MORE


Off The Shoulder Top Sewing Tutorial for the Curvy girl | The Honey Thread

Posted on July 25, 2016 Here’s my version of the Off The Shoulder Top! I wanted to sew one from a while now, since the trend has been exploded all over the web. I was reluctant to try this trend, I was afraid that all this “off the shoulder” thing is too much for a curvy girl like me. I could not understand how it could be comfortable a shirt with a rubber band on the shoulders. And I was wondering how I would have handled the “bra” problem , which I absolutely have to wear, should I  have to put one with the transparent straps? But once I sewed the top I found the right way to wear it: not so “off the shoulder” but only slightly down on the shoulder. It really like the elastic neckline, allows me to change the look of the top often : off one shoulder or the other, both or none of them. I wasn’t sure I want to keep this top, so I sewed the bare minimum: the side seams, the seams ruffle, the ruffle and bodice together and the case for the elastic. I did not hem it, cause I choose … READ MORE


Handmade pants | Sewing for me at The Honey Thread

Posted on July 10, 2016   WEARING HANDMADE: Dolman Sleeves Top (seen here) made by me,  Pants made by me I sewed some pants! After sewing a lot of shirts and tops for myself it was the time to sew some bottoms too. I stashed quite a few pants-suitable fabrics that I must use for my sewing, part because I need more free space in my stash and part because I need some new trousers to wear. That’s the second time when I made regular pants with fly front zipper and 4 pockets. I made a pair of black jeans years ago and wore them to death, it was the comfiest pair I ever had. I’m not talking about sewing leggins here. Leggings are easy to sew, I can make a pair in no time! I’m talking about regular trousers, with fly front zipper and pockets. For this pair I choose a blue light weight fabric and a fitted pair that I love the fit as my pattern. For me the hardest part is sewing the zipper. Or should I say it was since I found this tutorial where it’s shown how to sew a fly front zipper on pants … READ MORE


Easy Diy Tutorial Short Sleeve Slouchy T-shirt | The Honey Thread

Posted on June 29, 2016 As of many of you, my sewing time is limited and I always try to use easy pattern when I sew for me. I love an easy project that I can finish in few hours. When I saw this t-shirt on the J.Crew site I knew it I could make a similar one in no time spending about 5 euros! Basically this t-shirt is a dolman sleeve top with an extra piece to the sleeves. I had this multi color stripes fabric for a while now, waiting for a good project to sew with. It’s a double strech knit with all this colorful stripes, As soon as I saw it I grabbed it. Sewing it wasn’t easy. I had to hand stitched every single seam because the needle couldn’t get into the fabric. It took me more time to finish it and I skipped the hems. Hemming is not necessary if sewing with knits. Here is a mini tutorial if you wanna sew something similar. Using a fitted t-shirt as your pattern make a dolman sleeve top. Here is my tutorial if you wanna see it. Cut two rectangles for the add-on on the sleeves. … READ MORE


The easiest way to sew your wardrobe: Dolman Sleeves Top | The Honey Thread

Posted on June 15, 2016 One of the easiest things to sew is the dolman sleeves top. So simple you don’t even need a pattern to make it, all you need is a fitted top. It’s important to use a fabric with some stretch like knit. You can fill your wardrobe with tops like this in no time only varying the fabrics and colors. The shirt I’m showing you today is a variation of the dolman sleeves top without shoulders seams. The only seams are the sides seams and the hems. I always  hem my tops, it gives them a nice finish. To do everything it takes less than two hours. The pattern before sewing looks like this: I wore this shirt 3 times in 10 days. In these photos I’m at the farmer market selling honey made by our bees. Linking up with that beautiful ladies (here)   #isew, #ilovetosew, #ilovesewing, #sewing, #handmade, #ilovehandmade, #sewingforme


Easy DIY Sewing Eyelet Brown Long Vest | The Honey Thread

Posted on 30 May, 2016   There are things so easy to sew that anyone could do it. Like this long vest for example. There are only 3 pattern pieces with 3 seams and all the work can be completed in an hour. The long vests are on trend these days although I don’t think they never go out of style. They are ideal for spring if sewn from light and transparent fabrics. For my long vest I chose a brown eyelet fabric, taken from my favorite fabric’s store, GS Scampoli. For today’s photos I choose white jeans and a green lime t-shirt to highlight my long brown vest. I liked this combination so much that i wore it on Sunday. I’ve already worn the long vest almost everyday since I sewed it! I’ve usually change my outfit 3 – 4 times by day…… when I go out I put my nice clothes on then when I beekeep I wear my sewn-by-me beekeeper’s tunic to avoid bee’s bites. Throwing on a long vest like this add interest to the outfit and make me feel put together in no time! Linking up with this beautiful ladies (here)


Sewing an white lace top from lace strip | The Honey Thread

Posted on May 12, 2016 I sewed this top in 2 hours! I bought these white lace strips with the intent of sewing a top for me. I’ve sewed them together BEFORE I cut my pattern and keep the original hem where was possible. Lace is so feminine and on trend this spring and I just wish to have tons of lace tops to wear.  


Sewing a pleated floral top | TheHoneyThread

Posted on 24 April, 2016  Here is an easy and quick refashion of this drapping top I sewed back in 2012. The cut was weird cause the fabric doesn’t have enough stretch for a drapping shape. I didn’t wear this top very much even I love the fabric. The floral trend is still strong so I can still wear my like-new top this summer. Here are the changes I made to refashion my top: pinned some pleats on the neckline redistributing the excess of the fabric (coming from the drapping) sew an orizzontal line to set in place the pleats using a knit binding, sew the cuffs and the neckline. for the bottom of the shirt I unpick the side seams and leave the seams open for about 7 cm. And this is the result A pleated neckline can be an alternative to sewing darts on a shirt, I’m thinking of using this tecnique to sew other tops. Now back to beekeeping! We are in the middle of the busy season when the bees are getting crazy and we gonna keep them busy and avoid them to swarm!   Linking up with that beautiful ladies (here)


DIY Sewing Stripes peplum top | The Honey Thread

Posted on 16 April, 2016 Stripes are one of the biggest trend this year here in Italy. I was on a hunt for a stripe fabric and when I finally found it I sewed this tunic for me. After that, I had left enough fabric to make another top, a peplum top this time. I also wanted  to play with the stripes so I cut horizontal stripes for the bodice, vertical stripes for the sleeves and diagonal stripes for the peplum. All this only changing the cutting of the fabric. I must specify my fabric is a two-way stretch. When I cut the pieces I accidentally cut the bodice too short so I needed an add-on on the shoulders to elongate it. I saw this as another occasion to play with the fabric, so I cut my stripes vertically.   So here is my new peplum top that can be worn dressy or casual. Dressy with a pencil skirt or nice pants or casual with jeans. I paired my peplum top with black or beige jackets, same colors like the stripes have.     Linking up with that beautiful ladies (here)