How to wear lace and denim this fall | The Honey Thread

Posted on October 4, 2016 As much as I like lace tops, I find it very difficult to wear them during the summer, when it’s hot and I can not wear too many layers. In summer I prefer to wear colored tops, not see-through so as not to have to wear an underneath top. I sewed this lace top a few months ago but I haven’t had the chance to wear it until today. The pattern is self-drafted from my own clothes and very simple, the way I like sewing it. Only 3 basic seams: neckline and side seams. To give it a nice finish I added the cuffs. I used an white knit  for the cuffs because the lace is tricky to use for hems. I sewed even the top underneath, white with sequin shoulders, I’ll show it better in another coming post. I wore this top with jeans and this denim vest, refashioned by myself from a never-worn denim jacket. I like the combo lace and denim, as well as lace and double-denim, like I did here. A lace top is very versatile, can be worn with quite everything. I’m thinking of wearing it under a cardigan or … READ MORE


Very easy to sew and so flattering! White crochet open cardigan | The Honey Thread

Posted on September 26, 2016 I really like the crochet clothes and I wish I had more in my closet, but I don’t have the patience to crochet for hours. So when I found this beautiful fabric like crochet and also in white, I got it right away, I could not miss it!After waiting some months in my stash, it’s finally the time to sew something with this crochet fabric. Sewing with a crochet fabric is the same as with any other fabric. I decided for an open cardigan with long sleeves, a very feminine piece that I can wear over a dress or over a T-shirt with jeans. Today I wore it over a black dress, sewn by me some years ago. I love this dress, it’s my go to piece when I don’t know what to wear. Making a open cardigan is very simple, as simple as making a top. The fall is the perfect season for layering a cardigan, so go and sew one for you now! Linking up with that beautiful ladies (here) #isew, #carmensews, #ilovesewing, #sewing, #sewingforme, #thehoneythread, #crochet  PIN ME FOR LATER  


How to sew a small top from scraps | The Honey Thread

Posted on September 19, 2016 I read once that we all have to consider the fabrics as a valuable resource that should not be wasted. Starting from the way the patterns are placed on the fabric, possibly closer to the edges, up to how we use or not the scraps of fabrics, which are often thrown. This article I read (no link, sorry) invited the seamstresses to a more responsible use of the material that we buy. Those words made me think about it and I started to be much more careful about how I use my fabrics, trying to throw it as little as possible and use the scraps for other projects. You can find a lot of projects to make with scraps on Pinterest but today I’ll show you how to sew a small top when you have little material available. A few months ago I showed you in this post a long vest that I have sewn for me. The cloth was brown, crochet type, with enough stretch of both directions. I had left with 3 pieces with which I tried to make a small top, I let myself be guided by intuition, not knowing if in … READ MORE


I love to sew clothes for me and I wanna show you how you can do it too | The Honey Thread

Posted on September 10, 2016   It’s red, it’s off the shoulder and has ruffles. That kind of shirt that gets you compliments every time you’re wearing it. I’ve already sewn three off the shoulder tops  but this is the sexiest of all three. And, most important, it’s the one that MAKES me feel sexiest!  During the last years my passion for dressing well has grown a lot . I’m not talking about expensive clothes but clothes that fit well my body and make me feel put together. Over time I developed my personal style, know the things that works for me and which are not, the ones I like and those I dislike. This year I learned to love the off the shoulder top. Before starting to sew one, I had no top like that in my closet. Thanks to the elasticized neckline, the shirt is very versatile, can be worn with both bare shoulders, with one bare shoulder or with the shoulders covered, like I do. Being over 40, I don’t want to show too much skin nor looking like I’m trying too hard. This top elevates my outfit and I can wear it in daytime or for … READ MORE


Cold Shoulder Top Diy Sewing Tutorial | The Honey Thread

Posted on September 5, 2016   One of this fall trends is the cold shoulder top. What does it mean? Simply: the shoulders remain uncovered through holes in the sleeves. There are many cold shoulder top in online stores, but if you want to save some money and sew one for you I guarantee you that it is very simple to do, in about 2 hours you will have your trendy cold shoulder top . The model that I show here is based on the Dolman Sleeves Top Pattern (my tutorial here). After cutting the front and the back of the shirt you’ll want to make the holes in the sleeves and then you proceed with the assembly and the stitching. You can then decide if you’re pleased with the holes on the shoulders, or if you want to show more of your arms, cut another cm around the holes, like I did. This model works well on lightweight fabric, bi-elastic knit type like I did here. My fabric looks a little bit washed out, at first I was undecided whether to use or not this stuff, but then I said to myself: “I can always use it as pajamas … READ MORE


Great Sewing Tutorial for Off the shoulder top | The Honey Thread

Posted on September 1, 2016   As I anticipated in this post, my passion for off the shoulder top pushed me to sew others! I’m already at number 3 and I’m pondering if I also need a lace version of this top. First of all I want to point out that despite the name of this shirt is “off the shoulder” I wear it “on the shoulder”, so the bra straps will not show up. After my 40 y.o, my body has changed and I could not feel comfortable without wearing a bra. The special thing about this shirt is that it covers well and emphasizes the bust.And then I really like the elasticized neckline, the easiest and fastest neckline you can make! Sew an off-the-shoulder top is very easy! Just because I might forget how to make it sometime I did a “beautiful” drawing of my tutorial to refer to in the future. This time I used a lightweight fabric (georgette I think) with no stretch, pale green with irregular dots. I had 1 m of fabric and I used it all of it. Because of the fabric’s no stretch I made the top just a little bit larger. … READ MORE


The easiest top to sew in half an hour | The Honey Thread

Posted on August 25, 2016 I’ve heard about shirts stitched in about half an hour but it had never happened to me. All the shirts I sewed until now have kept me busy a lot more, I could finish a top in about 2-3 hours. One evening last week, after finishing a simple white tank top (which had bored me to death), I came up with the inspiration and the urge for sewing a new shirt! To do that I used the leftovers of strips of lace with which I sewed this shirt. The strips are 45 cm wide and very long, about 3 meters, with a nice edge. I thought I’d use the most of the trimmings, leaving them in sight where possible, so as to have less sewing. I let myself be guided by imagination and I was able to sew the shirt in half an hour! Couldn’t believe myself! . I was so happy with the result that I wore it right away that evening to go out with family.   Here is a small tutorial on how I did it: 1 .To make the front of the shirt, I approached two strips (placed vertically) and sewed … READ MORE


How to lengthen pants | The Honey Thread

Posted on August 17, 2016 I had this pair of white jeans in my closet for 2 years now. I didn’t wear them much cause I consider them too short for me. This summer the white jeans were a BIG Trend. I was so in love with this trend that I was ready to buy a ready-to-wear pants if only I could find a pair I love it. But I live in Italy and this fashion trends didn’t come yet. I couldn’t find any pair of white jeans to buy. I found white trousers but no jeans. Then I remembered the pair I already own. The perfect white jeans I was looking for. Except for the lenght. I took an white piece of jeans I had in my stash from another jeans, cut it in 2 pieces, hem it at one part and sew it to my jeans. Then I covered the seams with white ribbon and I have a like-new white jeans. I may do some holes on the knees, just to be on trend, but I’m not that fashion girl. I’ll wear them until they’ll fall apart, then I’ll use them as a pattern for sewing another pair. … READ MORE


Off The Shoulder Top Sewing Tutorial for the Curvy girl | The Honey Thread

Posted on July 25, 2016 Here’s my version of the Off The Shoulder Top! I wanted to sew one from a while now, since the trend has been exploded all over the web. I was reluctant to try this trend, I was afraid that all this “off the shoulder” thing is too much for a curvy girl like me. I could not understand how it could be comfortable a shirt with a rubber band on the shoulders. And I was wondering how I would have handled the “bra” problem , which I absolutely have to wear, should I  have to put one with the transparent straps? But once I sewed the top I found the right way to wear it: not so “off the shoulder” but only slightly down on the shoulder. It really like the elastic neckline, allows me to change the look of the top often : off one shoulder or the other, both or none of them. I wasn’t sure I want to keep this top, so I sewed the bare minimum: the side seams, the seams ruffle, the ruffle and bodice together and the case for the elastic. I did not hem it, cause I choose … READ MORE


Handmade pants | Sewing for me at The Honey Thread

Posted on July 10, 2016   WEARING HANDMADE: Dolman Sleeves Top (seen here) made by me,  Pants made by me I sewed some pants! After sewing a lot of shirts and tops for myself it was the time to sew some bottoms too. I stashed quite a few pants-suitable fabrics that I must use for my sewing, part because I need more free space in my stash and part because I need some new trousers to wear. That’s the second time when I made regular pants with fly front zipper and 4 pockets. I made a pair of black jeans years ago and wore them to death, it was the comfiest pair I ever had. I’m not talking about sewing leggins here. Leggings are easy to sew, I can make a pair in no time! I’m talking about regular trousers, with fly front zipper and pockets. For this pair I choose a blue light weight fabric and a fitted pair that I love the fit as my pattern. For me the hardest part is sewing the zipper. Or should I say it was since I found this tutorial where it’s shown how to sew a fly front zipper on pants … READ MORE